Patina texture

Rust never sleeps, as Neil Young once sang/said. I’ve always loved patina, and the wear and tear it shows. This is an old park sign, long forgotten and half covered with trees.

Autumnal Hues

Autumn is my favourite season, once I’ve got over the dim nights and darker early morning walks. There’s something about the warm and cold colours fighting each other for attention now the bright hues of summer fade into blues, greys, browns and dark berry reds.

Back to the Future

No, not the film, but visiting La Defense in Paris, with the future, as seen from the late 70s. Last time I went there I was 14, so it was…. a while back. It felt like the future then. Now, the old futuristic buildings look antiquated next to the shining beacons of commerce that almost engulf them. Kind of like watching Buck Rogers and Prometheus back to back.